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HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number

HP Printer Tech Support Number HP is one of the most renowned computer and printer manufacturers in the international market today. It manufactures almost all hardware of the computer and has a good market of its customer. HP has become an international brand today. HP has maintained quite high standards for its products but still you have face issues with your HP printer after some days or weeks. You may also have issues if you are installing it the first time. Call us at HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number to get a quick assistant from our HP experts.

Setting up your new Printer

If you buy a new HP printer you will get many things with it. A sheet that shows you how to unload the printer. Next is the installation CD for both Windows and Mac. If in the future you misplace this disc, you can download the software or can call us at HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number and we will help you in doing your job. The next item is the setup poster, which are the basic setup instructions for your printer. If you feel any difficulty in setting up and need assistance call us at HP Printer Support Phone Number. There is a regional warning sheet which explains how to get support for your printer, depending on your region. You will see HP Customer Support Phone Number there.

These papers offer additional information for your printer. And the last document in the box is the Getting Started Guide for your printer. This provides information on setting up additional features for your printer. There is a USB cable for a direct connection from your printer to your computer, a two-wire phone cable for setting up your fax line. And lastly the power cord. Only use the supplied power cable with your printer. Call us at HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number if you are not sure till this step.

Set the printer flat on the table. Next, remove all of the visible orange tape and clear plastic from around the printer. Lift the scanner lid and remove the sheet of Styrofoam, and close the scanner lid. Remove the protective plastic from the automatic document feeder's paper guides. Slide out the paper tray. HP Customer Support is always there to help. Slide the paper width guides to the outermost position, and slide the paper length guide all the way out. Fan a stack of unused, plain, white paper, and then load it into the paper tray. Adjust the paper width and length guides. Slide in the paper tray. Remove the protective plastic covering the HP logo. Turn to the back of the printer. If you are going to set up the printer for faxing, make sure that you use the supplied two-wire phone cord. Let us know if you find any difficulty till here by calling us at HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number.

Plug one end into your printer's faxing port, and the other end into your phone line. Now, connect the power cord. Only use the supplied power cord for your printer. Remove the twist tie from the power cord and plug it into the rear of the printer. Plug the other end of the power cord into a wall outlet. You can adjust the display for better viewing. Press the Power button to power on the printer.

How to Install HP Printer

HP Printer Support Help Phone Number The printer will begin initializing and make some noise. From the printer control panel, you will have to choose your language. Select your language, and then touch Yes to confirm. Then select your country or region, and then click, Yes. Select how you want to manage your printer, and touch Yes to confirm. On your computer, open a Web browser. Go to the source hp website. Click Download. Don’t hesitate in calling us at HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number for real time assistant. Click Run or open the downloaded file. During the installation, Windows might ask you to confirm if you want to open the file or allow changes to your computer. Click Run, Continue, or Yes to continue the installation. The HP Easy Start utility files extract and launch. Click Continue. Dial HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number if you get stuck on this step. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms, and then click Continue.

Select either Full Software and Drivers or Basic Drivers. We recommend installing full software and drivers to get the best functionality of your printer. Click Continue. You may see a different option let us know by calling at HP Printer Tech Support Number. If prompted, click Run, Continue, or Yes to continue the installation. The software downloads and launches. From the Software Selection screen, you can customize your software installation by clicking Customize Software Selections. Click Next. On the Installation Agreements and Settings screen, select the checkbox to agree to the terms, and then click Next. The installer prepares the software for installation. Click Next. Change any desired options for your printer, and then click Next. Web Services is enabled for your printer. Click Next. Click Finish to complete the installation. If you feel inability in installing by these steps, call us at HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number.

HP Printer Technical Support by Phone Number

HP Printer Customer Support Number There are many reasons why your printer is snot printing when you really need it. It might be an office printer or home printer, wireless or wired printer. It always make us said if its not functioning properly because today we are dependent on it for many purposes. Your driver may be uninstalled which is a big problem itself. Your paper may get jammed or any ink related issue may occur anytime. To give you assistance on every printer related issue we have provided our HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number. You can dial it any time to get a quick assistant. Here are the cases in which you can call us and why really you should call us.

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